Presentation EGGER Foundation

Who we are

EGGER Foundation Romania is a non-governmental, non-profit, autonomous and apolitical organization created by the company EGGER Romania in order to provide additional benefits in the region of the EGGER plant in Radauti.

The purpose of the Foundation consists in developing and implementing projects in order to improve the living, health, education and culture conditions, in a clean environment, of the local communities.

What we do

In order to achieve our goal we are trying to identify the real needs of the communities and to implement sustainable projects. We take into consideration the feedback from the local community as well as the one from public figures.

Team & Contacts

The team consist of a Board of Directors, a Consultative Council (members of honor), a Secretary and Volunteers. The EGGER Foundation is managed by the Board of Directors organizes regular meetings with the Consultative Council and establishes the strategic directions.


Consultative Council



Ioan Banciu, Division Director Technical/Production EGGER Eastern Europe


Alina Chifan, Commercial Director EGGER Radauti plant


EGGER Foundation Secretary

Evelina Simota, Responsible for Communication & PR

About Egger

EGGER is a lively, large international family. Behind this description, there are 60 nationalities in 18 plants and 26 sales offices worldwide. From young to old, all of our employees get down to work – to help shape the EGGER Corporate Group.

They define EGGER through their dedication, expertise, experience and loyalty. At all of our locations we train young people to become skilled workers, encourage internal development opportunities and thus build on mutual trust, which is the key to our success.

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