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Our projects

The members of the Consultative Council have developed the following project ideas according to the statute of the foundation and to the four main, strategic, directions:

High school physics laboratories equipment

Adrian Graur - Advisor - Professor Ph.D. at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Rector Emeritus of Suceava Stefan cel Mare University - is the project manager for the acquisitions of modern and up to date equipment for the physics labs of 5 high-schools from Radauti, Suceava, Campulung, Falticeni and Vatra Dornei.

Each kit is identical and consists of  power sources, galvanometer, module of molecular physics & heat, optic laser case, module of electricity & magnetism, module of mechanics & acoustics, a set of instruments for the magnetic spectrum, a cathode tube and an analogue multimeter. Each kit is valued to approx. EUR 5.000.

10 high schools from Suceava county received equipment for the physics laboratories of more than EUR 50.000.



Judicial education for high school pupils

Luca Ciubotaru - Advisor at the Romanian Presidential Administration - supports the development and informal education of youth  for the 4 high schools from Radauti and Vicovul de Sus.

The project <Judicial Education for high schools pupils> focuses on the organization of regular meetings with students of the Faculty of Law and young professionals, whom will talk to teenagers about their rights, but also responsibilities, and how they can be capitalized.

As a printed support, approx. 2.500 pupils will receive a Manual of Judicial Education recently released divided into 15 chapters which offers comprehensive information on civic education, sexual education, religious education, health education and even contains elements necessary for career guidance. The costs of implementing this project were above EUR 4.500.

First aid saves lives

Corneliu Dediu – Suceava Red Cross Director – concentrates on first aid education. Under the title First Aid Saves Lifes, we will train students in secondary schools and high schools in the Radauti-Dornesti-Satu Mare in premedical first aid.

By training these young people, the communities will benefit from premedical aid until the arrival of specialists (physician, ambulance). Another key step of these projects is establishment within these schools and colleges of points of first aid and first aid kits.

The first phase of the project, focused on schools and highschools from Rădăuţi, Dorneşti and Satu Mare, took place between October, 2016 and February, 2017. During this time 1.191 pupils (6 pupils from each class) and 38 teachers from 11 units were trained and 372 first aid manuals were distributed.

The second phase was an extended one, and we managed to train 2.514 pupils and 100 teachers from 42 educational units. Also, 420 first aid manuals were distributed.

Up until now, the implementation costs are above EUR 20.000.

The program will continue in 2019.

Children's cards

Luca Ciubotaru, Advisor at the Presidential Administration, is coordinating an  education project. At its initiative, EGGER Foundation, in partnership with Curtea Veche Association, implemented in Suceava County in the schools from Rădăuţi and ant in the schools from the neighbourhood the national reading program "CHILDREN'S CARDS" .

The aim of the project is to facilitate access to the book for children aged 7-14 years enrolled in primary and secondary education. The partnership between the EGGER Foundation and the Old Court Association involves donating books for students and schools and developing alternative reading programs designed to encourage children to read for pleasure.

The project took place in two stages, in 22 schools in Suceava County. Altogether, over 3,200 students received books. In addition to student-donated books, the libraries of each school included in the program received an identical 30-card package recommended to students in grades V-VIII. The total cost of implementing the project is of approx. EUR 9.000.


Renovation of the running track of Radauti Municipal Stadium

EGGER Foundation, with the support of Corneliu Cîrdeiu - Editorial Director Rădăuţiziar and a journalist with extensive experience, is involved in a project developed at the level of the local community and offers the City Hall of Rădăuţi financial support amounting to approximately EUR 150,000 for renovation and modernization works of the running track.

The works for the running track of Rădăuţi Municipal Stadium modernization will be finished until mid-2019.

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